Star Flyer Ride
Height Dimension 48m
Area 26mx26m
Number of Seats 36P
Rated Voltage 380V
Hertz 50Hz
Power 90kW
Max. Speed 14.5m/s
Version Park Model


TAG:  Star Flyer Ride

Star Flyer Ride is a variation of the traditional swing ride where riders are swung around the top of a tower. It's combination of tower ride and flying chair ride. Generally, it is considered as a tower ride. The total tower height is 48m.

►This thrilling tower tide, not for fainted heart, soars soars 48m into the air spinning at speeds up to 0.63m/s. Guests are seated in a double seat next to their friend, family or partner and are secured in their seats with seat belts and an in between the legs harness that can only be unlocked by the ride operator. Adrelina junkies can't love it more.

►Star Flyer Ride can accommodate up to 36 riders per circle.


TAG:  Star Flyer Ride
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